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Let the experiment begin!

We’re super excited to announce a test group of the 1st phase of our golf workout program.

I started by asking a few of my golfing buddies who would be interested in committing to an initial 8 week golf fitness program. Most of them couldn’t commit to the time but 3 jumped on board and were willing to do the 1st 8 weeks together!

With all of them being family men, the logistics were difficult to coordinate but we were able to lock down the first meeting/workout.  The plan was to then meet every 2 weeks to meet up, do the workouts together and see how everyone’s doing.

The goal of the first meeting was to get an idea of each person’s goals for the program and establish baseline measurements of where each person is currently at physically.

In addition to the baseline physical test, we’re also going to establish a baseline for their current golf swing.  The initial metric that came to mind was swing speed.

That being said, the first workout is set for 2/19/17 and I’m super stoked to see how each progresses over the next 8 weeks.  Over the next 8 weeks I’m going to provide a weekly updateStay tuned for more!


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